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“Successor of the Canon 5D”
Posted on 02/24/2007 11:20 AM
Site Admin

Me personally, I fancy a Canon 5D (long term test). It's a nice camera, I already held it in my hands. But absolutely happy with it I'm not. What's lacking?

I can kind of live with the 3 frames per seconds, even though 5 would be a lot better. Also, the weight is just fine, it's really stable in my hands. 12.8 Mega Pixels are just perfect, especially since more pixels on the same sensor would mean a loss of quality / addition of noise. And I just love the quality of the full-resolution pictures I've seen from the 5D this far.

But I'd also like to have dust-removal like in the Canon 400D. I could live without the direct-print button which instead could for example be a mirror-lockup. And I'd like to have an SD-card slot, too.

Because my current camera, the Canon PowerShot S2, like so many cameras, has an SD slot. And SD cards are very easy to get these days -- everyone seems to have one.

Also, the 9 AF points in the middle of the sensor could make use of friends. Like 36 additionals, as for a EOS 3 or 1DmkII. And maybe add more custom (programmable) functions to the mode dial and that special mode where the apperture depends on the used AF points (forgot the name).

Speaking of the PowerShot S2. The most major feature I'm currently missing on the 5D is the turnable display. The one of the PowerShot S2 is just perfect -- I'd like to have exactly the same on the successor of the 5D (it can e.g. be completely hidden, it can be turned in all kind of angles, it switches by 180 degrees automatically if pointing to front, etc.).

Even if it's just a limited live display like on the Olympus E330.

I'd like to be able to frame my pictures on the LCD display, I'm simply used to over-head and very deep down angles. While the Zig-View surely is a nice thing to have and has additional features, a built-in turnable display is hard to beat.

And then there's weather sealing. My S2 already had serious problems when used in rain -- I had to dry it over night near a heating after removing and opening everything possible without unscrewing. So weather sealing would be a real plus, I'm also planning on getting the L-lenses which are weather sealed, too.

But I don't like the 1D interface -- and the price tag.
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