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User - to - user supported

This site is user-to-user supported. That means I, Rene C. Kiesler, give you a site where you can try out various theme. And you, the users, use the forums provided here to talk about them.

Most users just want to get themes. So please, if you found one and it was not obvious how, tell the others about it so they will know, too. This site is about cooperating, not whining.

Hints like "well, switch to a different CMS, etc. because this site sucks" will be removed though.

This site has been created because someone wanted to try out the themes there are for phpWebSite. And this is the only site which makes that possible. I already spent a lot of time making it work as it is now, you have not payed a single Dollar / Euro for it. So try to be fair, will you?

Most themes have -- by popular demand -- also a download link. But I do not have the time to keep them up to date. That is where you come in.


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